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How do I set the default colour for adornments?

Sorry if I’m missing something obvious, but I can’t find an (separate) attribute for the colour of adornments. When I create new attributes the default $Color is “normal” which seems to be a lighter version of the default $Color used for notes – is this right? Is there any way to set the default adornment $Color independently?

Adornments, like other notes, default to the default value of $Color. The container could have an OnAdd action like

if($IsAdornment==true) {$Color=“red”;}

Thanks for clarification, and the useful tip. I’d thought of using an Prototype for adornments but I prefer this approach

You could combine approaches, too — using the OnAdd action to assign a prototype to adornments


I’ve now actually tried this and can’t make it work. I’ve added the code you suggested to the Action pane for the container I’m using for the map, but when I add an adornment to the map the assignment of Color or Prototype respectively doesn’t happen.

To trouble-shoot, I simplified the OnAdd action to $Color=“red”, and then created a note and an adornment in the map. The action works on the note but fails to work on the adornment

So it seems that OnAdd actions don’t apply to adornments created in maps?

It seems so, I can repeat @mrkwr’s findings. all notes rest in this post as at v7.1.0.

We’ll investigate this; it’s possible that Adornments are exempted from $OnAdd.