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How set relative path?

I’m not familiar with Unix paths.

I’m trying to figure out how to set a relative path with an adornment $OnAdd?

I’d like to run an action that would add a note to a sub-container of the current map name “Catchall”.

I tried $OnAdd="./Catchall/";

This adds the new not to a folder called “Catchall” to the TBX root. What would the path be for the current folder subfolder called “Catchall”?

I think you want to create a note, and that new note is supposed to be inside a container that is a sibling of the adornment. The OnAdd action


creates a container named Junkyard inside this, and a note named “dog” in the Junkyard.


creates a container named Junkyard inside the parent of this — “…” means “this note’s container”.

Note that if the container or the note already exist, the existing container or note will be reused.