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How to export as RTF with text wrapping to window width?

In Tinderbox text wraps to the window’s width, however if pasted into another app or exported as RTF via menu File > Export > as Text it doesn’t.

Using menu Format > Style > Reset margins works, but how can I set wrapping to the width as default? And why does Tinderbox not use it as default?

Created in DEVONthink, pasted into TextEdit:

Created in Tinderbox, pasted into TextEdit:

Exported from Tinderbox:

Is there a reason for this?

We’ll look into this, but it’s trivial to address in any word processor or text editor.

If I export a whole Tinderbox then changing every exported note is not really what I want to do.

I’ve already spend a lot of time figuring out what’s going on … You’ve set TailIndent to 412. This doesn’t happen by accident, I think.

No, but I suspect there’s a reason. I’ll look at the code.

I don’t see why you couldn’t, in your word processor or layout program, do a “select all” and then apply the ruler you prefer?

Hypothetical: Say I’ve developed something in Tinderbox and need to share the result, so I export everything as RTF. Should I then tell the people who are going to read it: “in each file select all and apply the ruler you prefer”? That seems a bit strange …

Not hypothetical: Everything in me says “no” when I think about fixing each file. Then after next export fixing everything again. No way.

This will be addressed in the next release, and the next backstage release.

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