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How to find all adornments

Is there a query that can find all adornments in a file?

Agents never find adornments.

Furthermore, all designators ignore adornments, so you can’t query ‘children’ for $IsAdornment in the hope of finding adornments. Like agents, find() and other query-based actions ignore adornments.

Also note that adornment cannot be lined to/from. This reflects their role as map-view-only objects.

I should add that since v6, $ChildCount omits any adornments, which are counted separately in $AdornmentCount. So a query of $AdornmentCount>0 will find the container notes of all maps that have adornments except a for the document’s root level map (i.e. the default map seen in a new document) as it effectively has no parent container.

Although you can’t list adornment names, when in a map that has an adornment, blind typing its name will work just as it does with a note name. In such a case Tinderbox will select the named object - or that best matching the blind-typed string. In the edge case where a map ahas both a note and an adornment with the same $Name, the note will be matched as it will always be the lower of the two by $OutlineOrder.