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How to get PDF files inside Tinderbox?

@mwra wow - that’s a lot of great stuff linked here :wink:
The amount of “newness” is limited and some parts look nice and innovative - but the practical use is often very limited (the Graph view in Roam looks nice but it seems to me like the equivalent to “tag clouds”, very popular until two years ago and useless most of the time).

It is not only the development of new software but the acceptance of those tools that opens the door for collaboration (and I do agree that we are collaborating here using a very old school technology). Still I find my self in trouble to organise my ideas as associative notes. I can’t imagine working with the association structure of someone else - tags are the maximum I can think of. Maybe it is a slow evolution we are looking at - for sure no revolution (like OOP programming in the 70 or HyperText as concept even earlier).

I’m happy with Tinderbox because of the forum here and the help I got - a small step for mankind but a giant leap for myself :slight_smile:


Yes, seems odd. But if we made a little more effort to record—for ourselves—why we associated some things, be it spatial on a map or via links in a more graph-like sense, then both others and computer (AI) assistance would have something to work with. We seem stuck in a world of “guess-the-right-keyword” and word concurrence/distance analysis which has variable per-language performance. Also this word-distance analysis would appear to work better with limited vocabularies (few pairs to measure and alternates to link) which perhaps bodes ill for expressive text in the future.

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What is “NeXT” and “PKM”?

Man do I love your quotes. :joy:

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PKM: personal knowledge management
NeXT: after Steve Jobs left Apple he founded a new company named “NeXT”. The machine Tim Berners Lee used to “invent” the WWW was a NeXT. The first display postscript machine: NeXT. The first implementation of the interface builder and other components today known as “Xcode” were build for the NeXT and then adopted for the Mac. ObjectiveC was first used on the NeXT. And the NeXT cube was the most beautiful computer I ever used.

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Awesome discussion here. Just glanced through, will come back to read :slight_smile:

@mwra Sorry it is indeed TFT “Tool for thoughts”.

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