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How to get rid of this box after you get search results

A bit non-intuitive for me! When I do a search I get these results and then it opens in a preview box. My natural habit is that the Esc key should close these boxes but that doesn’t work! I randomly spend time using the mouse to click around and it eventually disappears. But not sure what I am doing that it closes.

Please let me know.

An image below to make you understand.

Screenshot 2021-12-14 at 3.05.43 PM

When the extra preview opens, for the first few seconds a status bar shows at the bottom telling you to either click to dismiss the window or to tear it off as a stand-alone window. So, before you close the Find pop-up you need to close the preview. So, either:

  • Click the Preview to dismiss it and then Escape to close the Find results pop-up.
  • Tear off the preview as a stand-alone note window. This automatically closes the find Results pop-up.
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I’ve updated my aTbref notes on the Find pop-over to address the issues of the preview pane being open.

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Super, wonder why I missed the text which says dismiss this . Maybe ageing eye sight :slight_smile: