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How to limit edict to only list the names of its children?

I want a container to list as its $Text the names of the notes in it. I have been trying to figure out a way to do that, but cannot seem to manage that on my own. I have created an edict that does list the names of notes, but then all of the notes in my entire document:


So, how do I rewrite the edict to create a list of only the notes in the container itself?

Thanks on beforehand!

Well, what you want to do is to collect the names of the children:


This gives you a list, separated by semicolons. You want to sort that list:


Now, you probably would like the names on different lines:


Thanks @eastgate !
The third solution does exactly what I want, and the other two are instructive to understand the language of TB. I am learning. Thanks a lot!

I am starting to also use TB as a structured repository of code for statistical and social network analysis analysis in R. Looks promising…