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How to make Tinderbox open as it was when it closed?

I expected that Tinderbox 9 would open in exactly the same configuration it was in when it closed, but that didn’t happen. How can I make that happen? For example, I might have 4 different files open in tabs.

Thanks for any thoughts on this!

That doesn’t tell up much. Are you talking about OS per-app tabs? If so, they don’t get discussed much, so I’m guessing few fellow users here use/have experience of them. So, some detail would help. :slight_smile:

What are the steps to replicate this?

My launches are around 75% ‘same state as when last quit’ - every project, pane, tab as-is.

There are the occasional times when I will suffer a crash, or if Tbx has been open a long time and needs to be re-launched - in those cases I usually end up needing to launch with just the blank document (press shift BEFORE clicking the Tbx icon in the Dock).

What you are experiencing with Tinderbox - is this happening only on that one app, or with other apps as well? In which case - System Preferences / General - the lowest pane deals with this…

  • Deselect “ask to close windows when quitting an app”
  • Ensure your “Recent Items” pop-up is anything other than “None”.

This is all determined by the setting of the checkbox “Close Windows When Quitting An App” in system preferences: General.

As the window explains, “When selected, open documents and windows will not be restored when you re-open an app.”

Thanks for the reply, Mark! Next time I’ll provide more, and more specific, details. It turned out to be the “Close windows when quitting an app” setting that ‘eastgate’ suggested. That setting doesn’t seem to affect all apps the same way, so I had never recognized it as a problem.

Thanks, ‘eastgate’ - that was the solution I was looking for!