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How to "permanently" close Text Window?

Hello everyone! I’m just beginning to use Tinderbox and exploring its functionalities bit by bit. I found when I open a separate Text Window of a note, it is stuck there “forever”. No matter how I close the Text Window and save the file, the next time I open the file the Text Window will pop up and now I end up with several separate Text Windows of the same note hanging around. Is there anything I missed to “permanently” close the Text Window when they are not needed? Thanks!

It’s a glitch in Tinderbox 7.3. It’ll be fixed in 7.3.1

I’m using 7.3.0 - You can close the Text Window by clicking the red button of the window. That’s the way it closes in my version.

Yes, you can close the text window that way – but in my experience, as reported to Eastgate, when you re-open the file, the text window will magically re-open, unbidden. That is: if you have one main working window, and then open and close two or three other text windows, when you re-open the file, all of the windows – main one, and text windows – will come up.

I think Eastgate views this as an actual issue, for which a fix is in the pipeline.

Oops, I could reproduce it. You are right.Sorry for giving the wrong information. As Mark wrote before its a glitch and they are going to fix it.

ADDED: This information is incorrect. I was wrong. Please accept my apology.

The windows persist even after the Notes have been deleted. The glitch is potentially a security issue.

I’m not making a risk-analysis. Any display of deleted files is a valid security concern, no?

I do not mean to imply any criticism of the developer’s response, nor to imply that the issue is more than a minor annoyance. I thought it worth pointing out — as it turns out, double-checking this, I discover that I am wrong: once deleted, Notes that had shown up in Text Windows on starting Tinderbox no longer show. (I had deleted them from one document but had copies in another.) I’m reassured that the underlying issue of perduring Text Windows will be resolved in due time.

At least for me, this is not the case. If you delete a note, it goes away.

(Update: I see that you’re now having the same result too. Deleted notes actually get deleted.)

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Edited my post where I made the claim. I hope my mistake no longer misleads anyone.


You’re extremely gracious about this! Thanks for clearing it up, and we’ll await Eastgate tracking down whatever is creating the immortal text-view windows.

Thanks to everyone for clearing it out and the quick response from eastgate. I’ll wait for the fix in the coming release.