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How to re-arrange text-order in composites

Let’s say we create a composite consisting of three notes. All three notes - note 01, note 02, note 03 - contain Text in $Text.

Building a composite of all three notes - with note 01 on top, note 02 in the middle, and note 03 at the bottom - the composites displays the “correct” order of content from top to bottom in the Text-Pane.

However, re-arranging the order of the notes - say from: note 01, note 02, note 03 --> to note 03, note 01, note 02 is not reflected in the Text-Pane. Why?

Even by breaking the composite (note 01, note 02, note 03) and the re-creating a completely new composite from scratch (now with new note order top to bottom [say: note 03, note 01, note 02]) the newly created composite will again show the text-order of the first composite build, that is: note 01, note 02, note 03.

How about having a feature (in the right click menu) that let’s you update the text-order of a composite? @eastgate

The text order of a composite is the outline order of its component notes. You can adjust this in outline view.

OR, when a note joins a composite, it is moved immediately after the note it joins (or the last note of the composite). So, break the composite, and reassemble it in the order you prefer.

Composites instantiated from built-in composites (or other composites in the Composites container) should retain the relative order of their components.