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How to remove a whitespace between words in a $Name

Hi, I have been struggling to rename a group of files by trying to eliminate the whitespace between 2 words in a $Name. In other words, I would like to rename a document by eliminating the white space between the words.

For example:$Name== “Word1 Word2 Word3” wanting to rename to $Name==“Word1Word2”
How do I remove whitespaces between words in a $Name?

Thanks in advance

$MyString = $Name.replace("^(\w+) (\w+).*",$1$2);

As in:

Doesn’t need to be a rule - could be an agent action, but I think this addresses your scenario (at least, as defined above)

Excellent, thanks Mark, this works perfectly in my example above. Thank you. I am just beginning to use the “replace” operator. This helps.

I have a follow up slightly more expanded question. I am trying to convert some title names in an older tinderbox file from word1 word2 word3 word3 to CamelCase format. In my example, how do I remove the whitespaces in all the words AND capitalize each word?

“this is my old file name” to “ThisIsMyOldFileName”

Thanks again for all your help as always.

Try this:


So, we split the original $Name into words, based on the premise of a single space between words.

Then we set $MyString (or in your case $Name) to be the capitalised versions of word 1 and word two concatenated to a single string. Then we reset $MyList to default so we don’t save any cruft.

See also:

Thank you Mark. Very helpful. Thanks for your continued work.


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