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How to tweak Tinderbox's UI?

Being a PersonalBrain/TheBrain user for 12 years, I am trying to find a concept mapping tool better than CMapTools to use with TheBrain.

Tinderbox looks promising.

But my first interaction with TB8 is not good. Mostly due to the dark gray theme.

Being a product for almost 20 years, I should not be the only user who felt the same.

So, are the users getting accustomed to it? Or there are convenient tricks already there to tune TB8 into a different color scheme?

Go to: Edit -> Document Settings -> Colors

Tinderbox usually comes with 9 themes as standard. You can make your own and save them for your own use.

Reference here: https://www.acrobatfaq.com/atbref8/index/PreferencesDocumentSetti/DocumentSettings/Colors.html

In addition to the color schemes, you can adapt two other things:

  1. First, if you want to change the color of newly-created notes, you can change the default value of $Color from “warm gray dark” to a different color.

  2. Second, you can change the definition of each color. For example, in the default color scheme the color “red” is rather muted. You might prefer to make it a little bluer — cherry red — or perhaps a little lighter and more neutral — a sort of light brick.

Both of these are edited in the Document Inspector, using the System Attribute pane and the Colors pane, respectively.

All this flexibility offers lots of options that might seem confusing at first. If you like, grab a screen shot and mark it up to indicate what you’d like to see:

Great. I will place an order of TinderBox 8 and play with it.

The look and feel of an App bring users the first impression, which is quite important. A guide to select/customize the theme at the initial startup will help to unleash the theming power from TB.

When you create your preferred color scheme, I hope you’ll share a screenshot here! They’re always inspiring.

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