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How to zoom to fit?

How to zoom to fit? I lost my notes in the map view.

How about Map overview mode?

More on navigating map view and blind-typing in the view pane

I now have my notes on the map in very small.
When I zoom in they disappear.

Yes, that makes sense. The bigger the map, the smaller a section of the overall map the view can display.

I think you are asking if there is no single-call menu/function that scales the current (map) view pane so_ every_ map item is visible? Yes? Then the short answer is 'No, but I’ve given several work-arounds above.

If you are wanting something else, could you please expand on your question.

If you want feature described above to be added to the app, please email info@eastgate.com explaining your request and the use case. This step is important as all too often the ‘simple’ request rests on lots of untested assumptions which need resolving in order to move the idea forward.

Do you know the name of a note you’d like to see? Click in the background of the map view, and type a few letters of its name.

Thanks, it worked.
I first had to delete some scattered untitled notes in the outline view before using the map overview mode.