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HTML omitted from markdown

Hey everyone, I’m adding HTML to some notes but it’s being stripped from my HTML preview/export. Is there something special I can do to make it work or is this not allowed?

Do you have a file showing the problem? There’s not much to go on above.

@mwra I’ve attached a simple example. I’ve added a unordered list to the Test Note text and if you look at preview and export, it’s not present, instead replaced with a <!-- raw HTML omitted -→ . Thanks!
Markdown Test.tbx (95.7 KB)

Others here are more expert with Markdown than myself, but I’m confused to why you’re using an HTML list when just starting a line with an asterisk, like so:

* Test
*Another test

tells Markdown to output HTML like so:

<li>Another test</li>

The Markdown prototype you have in your file uses the newer CommonMark flavour of Markdown so perhaps it doesn’t allow mixed inline HTML. Certainly, I see little point using HTML code to enter styling for which Markdown already offers a Markdown-based method. Ideally, pick one method or the other.

A quick google suggests ‘raw HTML’ is turned off by default so if you need to mix you’ll need to look-up and apply the CommonMark preference-altering command line for that. Have you tried using the ‘Markdown’ flavour ouriginally bundled with Tinderbox. See here for how to swap the flavours over.

@satikusala - any ideas on this?

Ha, my brain must have not been working when I started this. Instead I adjusted my code note to produce markdown instead of raw HTML:

$MyNotes=collect_if(children(/References), $IsIndex, $Name);


$MyNotes.each(X) {
    $MyLinks=$MyLinks + ("- ["+ X +"]("+ $HTMLExportPath(X) +")")


I think for some reason I thought Tinderbox was doing something magical with the ziplinks when producing hyperlinks but I realize now it was just standard markdown.


There is no such thing as a ziplink - that will simply confuse you further. The ‘ziplink’ method sic of link creation creates normal Tinderbox text links. One a link is created, Tinderbox has zero knowledge of the method of the links creration.

So, I repeat “There is no such thing as a ziplink”. That incorrect assumption seems to be causing no end of confusion. The actual types of link in Tinderbox (as opposed to ‘link type’) are discussed here.

Sorry, my last was a bit rushed as going into a meeting. My comments weren’t meant critically, but simply to help give context that helps unpack things like the ‘ziplink’ method which, by packing an otherwise number of discrete tasks into one task, can give a slightly black box feel. Under the hood, it’s all things one can do ‘manually’ in the app. The Ziplink method is just an easy way of making Tinderbox text links. It is works best for keyboard centric folk and you can type all the sub-task input in in one go (once you learn the format.

HTH :slight_smile:

Absolutely! Didn’t take it critically. Good to know that ziplinks is a method, not a feature.

Thanks again for fast response and help.

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