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I want to write my notes in Markdown


I am so used to MD that I find formatting what I write in TB a bit difficult.

I saw the MD prototype and was excited that TB will finally supported writing in MD(??)

But even after marking the note as an MD prototype (check screenshot), I am not able to write in MD.

Let me know if I don’t understand the functions of prototypes. #newbie

Maybe try to open your note in preview mode? You should also check @satikusala’s great tutorial about Markdown in TBX → Tinderbox Training - Working with Markdown and templates in Tinderbox - YouTube

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Yup, the key to getting started when writing in Markdown from the get go (i.e. without templating is to),

  1. Add the built-in hints
  2. Obviously, write in markdown. Tinderbox uses the CommonMark dialect
  3. Turn on the preview menu (this is easier for me than hotkeys)
  4. Preivew your content

Not, remember, as with all things Tinderbox, this is highly configurable. You can copy the Markdown template, rename it and start customizing the attributes, e.g. color, font, etc. Later you can mess around with all the related attributes that control the processing of text for preview and export. For example, use cascading markdown templates as well as changing the attributes to deal with edge cases where inline export code won’t pull the attribute values into the text while processing while in Markdown (again an edge case, we can discuss that later).


Super! Thanks

How to change markdown prototype to normal? Suppose I have several prototypes that is customised markdown prototype and I want to change that into normal, not markdown one, what I should do?

In outline view, click on the icon to select the prototype you want assigned to the note:


In map view, click by bottom right,

And, as is the case with all things TBX, you can do it in a don of otherways as well,
With Quickstamp in the document inspector,

In displayed attributes,

With other stamps, action code, etc.

I mean how I can change type of prototype itself from markdown type to standard HTML? Not prototype of any note.

We’ll, as illustrated above, if you don’t want assign any prototype, you can select None, form the prototype list, see above.

I’d encourage you to use prototypes, you can create your own easily. The simplest way is to just add a note in the Prototype container, as this container has an $OnAdd that assigns the $IsPrototype

Here is an example of the prototypes folder in one of my files.

I have a video on prototypes: Tinderbox Training Video 04 - Getting started with prototypes.

I am sorry. Probably I am not clear enough. I will try to put other way… For example I have complicated existing prototype which itself is based on markdown prototype. How can I get rid of markdown features of that prototype?
Complicated prototype was created by duplicating markdown prototype and then heavily edited.

Gotcha, as I don’t know how you might have edited your prototype, the best I can do to answer this question is share with you what I’ve figured out.

As you note, TInderbox uses attributes to manage itself. Here is a table of the attributes that effect Preview and Export. Standard is for HTML, Markdwon is for Markdown, using the CommonMark dialect. The Last column shows you some tweaks I made to the values as I use Pandoc and not CommonMark as my preview engine. I change the Markup text and ExportExtension because I use inline export code in $Text and I want Tinderbox to process export code in Preview which only currently happens with $MarkupText=true.

You can use the inspector, quickstamp, or a stamp to easily update these values.

Here is a copy of my stamp. You can

$HTMLPreviewCommand="/opt/homebrew/bin/pandoc -f markdown --citeproc  --bibliography=/Users/michaelbecker/pandocSP/ZBib/MyLibrary.bib --csl=/Users/michaelbecker/pandocSP/ZBib/apa.csl --mathjax -t html"; 

You could put this in a stamp to reset to the defaults:

$HTMLExportTemplate=/Templates/HTML page;
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Thank you very much!

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Hey @Anton, found an error in my stamp(s) above, were missing “$HTMLMarkdown=…;” have updated the above.

Thank you for correction! Also

must be $HTMLOrderedListItemStart=<ul>; 

isn’t it?

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Yup, fixed above.

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