I was trying the book tab, under the Get Info pop-over, but I'm not seeing the expected attributes being populated

Following the description at aTbRef for the book tab I popped in a few ISBNs but didn’t see the cover image, title, author attributes populated.

I checked the ISBNdb and could see that information on the example book was there.

I used a terminal command on macos, nettop, to show me what network connections Tinderbox was making at the time I opened the book tab. The connection in question was on cloudfront.net using port 80. I made a very naïve attempt to check the server and got a 403 (Forbidden) error.

It could be the connection to cloudfront.net was successful because TB supplied credentials I don’t know, or that the connection was unrelated to the book tab.

Running an new empty TB for a while, I didn’t see similar connection attempts, until I added a note with an ISBN and then opened the book tab, and then there was an almost immediate attempt. So, from limited testing there’s some circumstantial evidence that the cloudfront call is connected with the ISBN fetch.

I’m using TBx Version 9.5.1 (b598). Is anyone else seeing a similar lack of function for the book tab, or, is it working for you?

I confirm, I don’t see it either.

This is something that @eastgate will need to look into.

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I believe something is unstuck with the Amazon image API.


Oh, I think Amazon is one of a number of big players who’ve started fencing off access to things they used to happily let others use. ISTR this was part of the reason Bookends removed Amazon Books searches and moved to Google Books instead.