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Importing notes with links for network visualization

Hello! Is there a way I can import notes with links? I use a networking app called www.kumu.io for network visualization. With the new hyperbolic view I would be able to have the same network features in Tinderbox (e.g. social network analysis). But how can import notes with links? Is it not possible to populate links as attribute fields? I have 2 tabular data files. One with the networks nodes (notes names) and the other one with nodes connection (one connection per row).
Thanks in advance!

I don’t believe so but you could write directly to the XML. see https://www.acrobatfaq.com/atbref8/index/SyntaxLibrary/Thev7TBXformat.html

Thanks @mwra that makes absolutely sense and does not look too difficult. I guess I need only to type of tags: link and item.