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Importing Scapple mind map in outline format to Tinderbox


Just purchased Tinderbox on 2nd December, so complete newbie.

I am using Scapple to mindmap/outline. I need to move that project or import the same into Tinder Box. Is it possible?

Scapple export “outline markup” — opml — which Tinderbox can import. So that’s probably a good starting point.

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Scapple OPML exports know nothing about links you drew in between nodes in your Scapple map. So there is no data in the OPML for Tinderbox to know how to reproduce the relationships you created in Scapple. (This is a Scapple issue – not a Tinderbox shortcoming.)

You might be better off starting from scratch and recreate your document in Tinderbox.

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I can only confirm that. While importing the scapple OPML gives you the text of the different nodes, the order seems to be based on the position on the screen but not on the links one made. Starting from scratch sounds like the better idea.

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In fairness, OPML has no deliberate means to record link data. It is a format intended for holding outlines. As Scapple diagrams don’t allow nested items, all items are siblings - i.e. all at the same outline level, so this format does seem an odd export option in Scapple! (Which is still a neat tool, though, and which I use).

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There are now a couple of Keyboard Maestro macros which allow you to save from Scapple as nested / indented OPML

( They read Scapple arrow links as parent → child connections )

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Thank you Rob. Very useful.


Yes, I am very glad to see this – use Scapple all the time, and very glad to have this utility

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