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Inconsistent Link Navigation

I’m experiencing inconsistent behavior when I click on a link (either by clicking on the number that indicates how many notes are linked or by clicking on the link in the note itself). Clicking either works as expected or it doesn’t work at all, and I’m not sure why sometimes it’s one and sometimes it’s the other.

I’ve got a screencast that demonstrates the inconsistent behavior (turn sound on to hear when I click, which will confirm that it isn’t working). You’ll see at first, it isn’t working and then it appears to go into a mode of working reliably.

Is there something I’m doing to make it this way?

In a crowded map. several different click targets may overlap. For example, the click target for the link widget, the outbound link, and the bottom resize arrow may overlap another note.

Links generally take the lowest priority.

Temporarily moving the note into a less crowded area may help. So might using Browse Links rather than trying to click on the link.

Oh — and I would call this “link selection”, since “navigation” typically refers to using links to move from one note to another.

Thanks, Mark.

Would this also explain the behavior around 0:07 when I’m clicking on the link from within the notes panel?

You mean clicking in the text pane? I don’t know — it’s impossible to see exactly what you’re doing. If you’d like us to look at a specific behavior you don’t understand, please send me simple example, with an explanation of what you expect and what you observe.

hi Mark,
I have the same problem, and because I only just started my map isn’t crowded at all. I noticed that the text link doesn’t work after I view the “browse links” editor. In other words, everything is fine until the use of browse links editor.
Any idea?

You might need to click again in the text pane; I’m not sure where the focus ends up after dismissing Browse Links, and that may depend on exactly how you dismissed the popover. We’ll take a look.

Thanks Mark.
Clicking again in the text pane doesn’t fix the problem. but i figured out how to get it back to normal. so, after closing browse links editor, the cursor sign is “+” and clicking in the map area or the text pane doesn’t change it back to arrow. but presing alt dose. and now the text links work properly again.