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Indented Outline Separators

Using v8.0.1.

I notice that, in Outline View, all Separators appear as though they are on the root level of the Outline, even if some are members of Containers. The only way to tell if a Separator is inside a Container is to collapse expanded Container above it and see what happens to the Separator.

I don’t remember if this was true before v8.0.1. I was just playing around with a Separator and noticed this. All my Separators in this document are on the root level of the Outline, so this was just an academic exercise to see what if . . .

I think this is possibly an oversight during some redesign. Although not the original design intent, separators do allow nesting. Currently the result for a non-root separator is this:


The position of the container disclosure triangle now looks all wrong, also in the closed position:


It would seem less confusing if the separator’s left end of the rule started just to the right of the disclosure triangle.

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