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iPad and TBX - near future?

As quick follow up, I just came across this article:

What would Steve think?
Steve Jobs built Apple into the world’s richest public company, but notoriously hated the stylus, which is now a prominent part of Apple’s accessory lineup. As Dave Gershgorn writes, looking back to how Jobs talked about the role of the iPad gives insight into whether the tech giant is keeping with the former CEO’s vision. The verdict? He’d detest the Apple Pencil. The iPad was originally meant to consume content, not create it.

Indeed, my MBAir is my favourite “iOS” device. Small haptic-only devices are a real drag. Indeed, I’m currently rocking two MBAirs, my own and a (secure) government-only one, and the weight isn’t excessive even with a 5hr/day commute. Compare this to the early-noughts when I used to travel consulting with a MacBook Pro and a high-end Dell which did my back and shoulders no good at all.

The right tool for the right task wins out. I like my iPad Pro but it’s not—for me—a believable work device, and friends certainly don’t make friends work on a phone.


Tinderbox on iOS would never be satisfying. Eastgate does a great job focusing on Tinderbox on macOS. I would hate to see diversion of focus.


Wellll… I can easily imagine it being satisfying on iOS, if it were a more focused map-centric app. But, to your point, I think the split focus of Eastgate could be detrimental to the entire TBX product.

…and remember Tinderbox is so much more than a (mind-)mapping app. Maps are certainly the most compelling part of Tinderbox but the rest of it makes the whole more than the simple sum of the parts.

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Tinderbox is far more than mind-mapping software – especially considering everything under the covers in the Map view. iOS technology is far too limited.


I can’t give this enough likes. I’m as lazy as the next person, in terms of ‘just’ wanting a result. But, not everything works everywhere. I’ve come to respect just how hard easy stuff is to make.

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I agree… I’m more drawn to TBX’s scriptability, and the Attribute browser. I admit, I can’t quite imagine that working well on an iOS interface.

Agree on all counts:

  • Virtues of MB Air
  • Limits of iPad Pro
  • Horror of “working” via a phone

I am looking forward to the performance of tinderbox on the new iPad. The annual subscription fee is a bit high, but I think I will keep the subscription.

Tinderbox does not currently run on iOS.

a new innovative app / project would likely be funner, more fascinating

all or almost all great projects have all started from scratch

I’d love to have Tinderbox on my Linux laptop… DevonThink and Tinderbox (mainly Tinderbox, really) are the two pieces of software that keep me using a Mac laptop.

Platform splits, even with a staff as big as that at Omni group for example, reduce the resources available for the macOS version – hindering its development and maintenance – and fail to add compensating revenue.

Tachles – don’t do it !

Yes I realise it’s unrealistic and would harm the OSX version. Was just a dream :slight_smile:

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