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Is there a way to assign a word from text to be a attribute's vale?

Hello guys, a question was found when I sketch a note from book reading. I’m taking notes from history book, and I want to extract pieces of information from my reading. For example, I took a historic character’s name from reading, then I got the person’s background information from right pane text, and I want to refer the specific word to the character’s background attribute. Is there any way to get this? Thanks for your help.

In this specific case — you’re reading the note and want to extract a term — I think copy and paste might be ideal.

If you do this a lot — if you’re particularly interested in people to whom the term “leader” is applied — you might make a highlighter to call attention to the term and its synonyms.

In some cases, you might make an agent that looks for notes the contain the word “leader” and, finding the word, add “Leader” to $Position. Of course, that would also get notes like “IBM was the leader of the computer revolution”, which might not be what you want. So you could refine the agent to only operate on notes about people:

$Prototype=="Person" & $Text.icontains("leader")

This might be fun to discuss at a meetup!

Thanks for your suggestion. According to your suggestion, it seems typing it directly would be much easier and leave out the consequences I don’t want. Thank You so much.