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Is there a way to stop command-shift-option-control from zooming map out?

I use the “hyper key” (all 4 modifier keys at once) for some global shortcuts, but this triggers some command in Tinderbox to zoom map scale out to view every note.
Is there a way to disable this?

In Map view, the [Cmd]+[Opt]+[Ctrl] combined key press toggle zoomed map view (i.e. shows all current map contents.

Unless another already-loaded app has registered this key press, then Tinderbox will respond as above.

I suspect (not my expertise) that a an open app registering, fro example [Cmd]+[Opt]+[Ctrl]+Y, won’t affect Tinderbox (with map view focus) as the Tinderbox response is to [Cmd]+[Opt]+[Ctrl] without any other key so whereas the other app’s shortcut also needs a Y to trigger (or ‘own’ that shortcut)

TL;DR, I’m pretty certain the answer is no, but you might want to contact support to get a clearer answer.

I don’t see a way to disable this at present.

Maybe if “zoom out” were a menu item, then users could use System Preferences > Keyboard > Shortcuts to overrule the default shortcut?

Although, this might be a single-user niche.

Good to know!

I am using Karabiner to modify the caps lock to function as Hyper; I suspect there’s a workaround I can make there, but haven’t discovered it yet.