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Just getting started ... customizing UI ... set default Title font how?

How can I change the Title font (in particular, size) for:

  • the current Note?
  • all existing Notes?
  • the default for Notes created in the future?

I still have the demo version, but expect to take the plunge. Tinderbox seems to make great sense to me — I’m sure this is a feeling other’s have had :blush: .

By title font, you mean the font used to draw the note’s title in maps and outlines? (Just checking).

Default for the whole document: set in Edit ▸ Document Settings in the Maps pane.

Change for one note: select the note, and reveal the Font panel (⌘-T)

Change for a bunch of notes: select the notes and use the font panel.

Tinderbox lets you do some elaborate things like this. For example, you might want all the notes that mention Camels to use the same map font; you’d do that with an agent. Or, you might want a note to use one font if it’s an isolated task, and a different font if it’s a project with several subtasks. For that, you’d use a rule. Or, you might want all notes that contain interview transcripts to use a special font; in that case, you’d likely have all the interview transcripts share a single prototype, and they’d inherit the font from the prototype.

Change for notes of a particular kind (e.g. Tasks): let those notes all use a common prototype. Set the font used by the prototype, and let the notes inherit the font.

Change the font in a rule or agent action: set $NameFont to the corresponding font name. For example; $NameFont=“Panton-Regular”


Thank you for asking. Maybe not. I mean the text that appears in the top border of the right-hand pane in Outline View (and Map View, but my initial use of Tinderbox will be in Outline View).

It may be that my assumption about what to select are wrong. The text in the top border of the right-hand pane is selectable: one click highlights the field with no text selected; text selections in the now active field can be made in the standard OS X ways. I expected that with the field highlighted and no text selected, changes made via the system Font dialog would take effect on text entered at the insertion point, and that changes made via the system Font dialog would immediate effect all selected text. Neither happens; no changes made via the system Fonts panel have any effect when the “text in the upper border” field is active.

I now see the same behavior when the Title text field in the left-hand pane is open for editing the text in that field (changes made via the Font dialog have no effect). This runs counter to my experience.

I also now see that selecting the field but not activating/opening it for editing the text therein allows me to change the font attributes for the text that shows in that pane (and that the attributes are applied to all the text in the field). The font family changes in the text that shows in the top border of the right-hand pane, but changes in size seem to have no effect.

My small goal here is to make the text that shows in the border of the right-hand pane smaller. I should have specified that originally. How can I do that?

I will follow your examples for elaboration once I understand how these simpler things work.

I have some follow-up questions which I research and post if don’t find answers in new Topics since they don’t relate to the Title font of a Note.

Thank you and cheers!


The Name of the note in the text pane is automatically resized to fit; you can’t adjust it manually.

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The text there appears to change a bit when I select different color schemes via “Edit ▹ Document Settings ▹ Colors”. Does the user have any access to the insides of a color scheme?

Here is a sample of what I see:
(Tried to have this show in-line via the upload button on the editor.)

Some color schemes seem to center the Note Name in the border, and others seem to elevate it above that (Japanese Whispers, Storyspace, and Winter seem to elevate it the most).

I would like to set Tinderbox to show something similar to the font family and size of Nickel with the color and placement of Japanese Whispers. (Added:) And I would like to be able to control this in addition to controlling the appearance of the Note Name in the Outline View.

I (obviously) have tonnes to learn about Tinderbox, and in particular traits and dependencies. At some point I am likely to be ready to create/save my own color scheme, as color is central to most of my work. But right now I am just curious to understand how the color scheme effects the Note Name displayed atop the Text Pane.

These differences all relate to the different fonts used for $NameFont. For example, Winter uses Miso, Japanese Whispers uses Optima, and Storyspace uses Helvetica Neue.

(The color schemes are simple XML files contained in the Tinderbox bundle, in Contents/Resources/color schemes. You can store your own color schemes in the color schemes folder in the Tinderbox support folder.)

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I appreciate the time you spend replying (I never saw it). I assume this post will be auto-deleted as well.)