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Keep link associations when copying a note

Is there a way to keep the link associations when copying a note? I would prefer to do my comparison work with aliases, but link associations seem not to come with alias. So, I tried to copy the notes I want to compare and this does not seem to work either as the link associates disappear with copying.

What do you mean by a link ‘association’. I ask only as I’m unfamiliar with that usage. Do you mean the link types?

I have one note linked to another. When I copy the note the “link association” dispensers.

Yes, but what do you mean by association, the last doesn’t clarify. Could you describe it using different words?

For later readers, this was fixed offline.

The, issue was copies/aliases of notes don’t retain the original’s inbound link. Fixed—or rather the problem was avoided by the answer to a separate question here.

†. A link has one source and one target. When a note is copied both have a link pointing to the same target. But consider an inbound test link. That anchor would need to have two targets; not something a link can do. It might not be what people expect want, but is the current state of play. :slight_smile:

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