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Launch URL from DT a Note

When I drag and drop a note from DT into Tinderbox, I see it adds a x: url, and I can launch it from the Inspector. What is the best way to add a clickable URL to the note itself from within Tinderbox or am I missing some much easier way of just accessing the URL content (key combo maybe)? Thanks…

Ah yes. Just starting out, and looks like I had closed the Outline window. Is there a way to add a link in the Map view object? Thanks…

Sorry, I mean to show the existing URL attribute on the Map view so that you could click through to the attached note in DT. Something like a right click open URL option on from within the Map view? Thanks

$ViewInBrowser, if true, will open $URL in its native application when the note is selected. That’s one way to open a URL direct from the map view without getting a text pane involved, but it might be overkill.


Didn’t an earlier version of TB show an icon on a note, and let you open it with a keystroke? Instead of having to find the URL attribute and launch it there.

(maybe it still does and I can’t find the command?)

Anyway, if you don’t want to $ViewInBrowser you can use runCommand in a stamp:

runCommand("xargs open", $URL)