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Learning a new word in spelling dictionary

I knew this but have forgotten. How do you teach a new word in the text field? TBx correctly underlines a strange word but there seems no mechanism to teach it that new word.

Right-click the word and use ‘learn word’ from the pop-up menu. I think this is per-app data (possible per-doc). The scoping of such data is hard to fathom but it gets the job done.

Grr. Now it works. I swear that option was not there before. If the problem reappears, I will screenshot. Okay, went back. Screenshot attached

I’m still on 10.14.6 in case its an OS version related thing. I have “Check Spelling while typing” set. I checked “Correct spelling Automatically” as well, still works as expected here.

Ah, but look at the top item in the menu “Change back to “jjdjd””. This would imply the automatic spelling correction has been applied and changed the existing text to the presumably-pre-learned (even if by mistake) dictionary term ‘jjdjd’. Well, that might be the issue. I’m not sure where the user-learned spellings are stored as you might want to check those for cruft. Also try with auto-correction off and see if that helps.

Closing this issue. It is a sporadic occurrence, which I think is likely a timing problem.

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