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Left/right scroll in outline view with columns

I am viewing a lot of Key Attributes as columns in an outline view, which makes most of them out of view. Trying to scroll left / right to see them but it seems its not possible … am I missing something? Thanks.

Currently, this isn’t possible. you can drag the view pane wider to show more view - if you have a big screen.

I use column view a lot and have found it’s best to limit oneself to a few columns but i change the column assignments regularly. Click on an existing column to change the attributer assigned to that column.

Column view is really useful when working through a set of notes and checking that certain attributes haven’t been left blank or you aren’t applying inconsistent values.

Edit: it is probably adding that whilst column view looks like a spreadsheet, I don’t think that’s the design concept and thus the lack of horizontal scrolling.

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We’ll take a look at horizontal scrolling for the future. I’d not anticipated wanting that many columns of attributes.

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Well … that’s precisely what I was thinking of. A spreadsheet view! It seems almost everything is in place :slight_smile:
Of course, I can CMD COPY all contents from the outline view with columns into Numbers (it just doesn’t handle outline levels and column names) but that creates a dated snapshot of my data, and I’d like to keep it live for as long as possible!

Would it be possible to also have “cells” fill vertically, rather than truncate at a certain length ?

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That might be a performance problem, since it would multiply the work of needed to lay out the outline by the number of columns. But we’ll take a look.

Horizontal scrolling of columns is coming, though.

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