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Linking external html file with parameters


I’m trying to have a link to the external HTML file inside a TBX note. What is special about this link - it points to the section of that HTML file - i.e. specific tiddler inside the big TiddlyWiki file. Such link has URL parameters after the file name - but it seems that when the browser opens the TW file after clicking this link in TBX, parameters are lost… So I see the default view opened but not a specific piece of text (tiddler).

Is that default and right behavior of TBX and I can’t have such links with URL params?

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It might to help a specimen URL. Pertinent here is the question: do all likks fail or only some?

I’m guessing this is a URL-encoding issue which like so much Web tech works flawlessness up to the point where it doesn’t! If you’re tempted to say it should ‘just work’, my experience would suggest otherwise. IOW, even if Tinderbox is doing the right thing the target app might respond differently. I.E. it’s not a blame game. Rather, when stuff like this breaks, throw out all your starting assumption about things “just…” and start testing.

Thank you for answering.

Examples of real links I have in TBX file:


and one more:


And both of them, after clicking, opened in the browser as:


I think this may be a Finder or web browser issue rather than one of Tinderbox. Why so? When you click in on the globe button of a URL attribute in Key Attributes or Get Info/attributes Tinderbox sends the contents of the attribute to Finder and Finder opens the appropriate for that data type. On my system that’s Safari, but on yours it may be Chrome or Firefox, etc. The browser them opens the URL.

I notice the URL you are using is a local file, using the file:/// protocol. Although web browsers open local HTML content using this protocol I’ve noticed some features of web pages only work if opened from a web server. Perhaps if you used a localhost URL, i.e. a locally served URL then the # part of the supplied URL will be honoured by the web browser.

Unless a fellow forum user can explain the technical aspect of this file vs. served pages, I’d suggesting looking online in web-related forums for an explanation.

TL;DR I think the ‘fix’ is something you’ll have to do outside Tinderbox.

Althuogh the topic is about using terminal to open a URL I think this digs into the issue a bit: https://apple.stackexchange.com/questions/194501/open-a-file-url-with-anchor-from-terminal/197284#197284

I see, Mark. Thank you for helping.

I will switch to the local node server then to serve the instance of TiddlyWiki, so that will work fine.