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List/Set.icontains("pattern") Reference

While searching around in acrobatfaq.com I noticed that at the bottom of List/Set.icontains(“pattern”) the operator changes from icontains to contains and wondered if that was intentional or a possible error?

Use a ! prefix to the query argument:


Use of parentheses after the !, around the query, can assist Tinderbox's parsing:


No sadly, it’s a typo by the aouthor (me!). Now fixed: see here.

Tinderbox is a toolbox and there is much to document and this author is humanly fallible. So, if it looks wrong do ask. I like to think there are few factual errors but once found reported, they’re easy to fix.

HTH :slight_smile:

Yes, I was trying to be helpful. I can only guess at how much work it takes to keep this document current


More than you’d guess. :sob: but also, when it helps others :grin:

Knowledge wants to be free (in all senses).

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