Literature Review with Tinderbox

One point that is probably not your problem, but might be useful to address at some point.

  1. Rather than testing
$Name(parent)=="Synthesis Map"

consider using inside(/path/to/Synthesis Map). The latter is potentially more efficient, and has some advantages for the semantics of aliases.

Also (from brief scan-not time to test ATM) the Synthesis Map agent is off, so the agent action won’t be firing. If Evidence 6’s ‘Opposes’ link was added after the item was added to the agent map, I don’t think we expect the agent action (IOW, the agent OnAdd equivalent) to fire until the agent is active again.

If you don’t want agent update’s to re-organise the agent map, see Re-arrangeable Agent Maps.

I think you are acting accordingly but I’d note to be aware aliases may have different basic (i.e. note-to-note) links than their original.


This is really helpful and intriguing, Arek. Thank you for sharing your extensive work and process with us.


I wonder if a tag or two could help to keep this post from getting lost? I see there’s one for “templates”–maybe also “case study”? (I’m the last person to suggest tags: I have far too many overlapping ones in my own work!)

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Hey there, couple

BTW, I looked at a few of your functions. I see that you’ve named them an “edict,” “rule,” or “action.”

I fear this might confuse some people. Functions are action codes that can be used as edicts, rules or actions; they need to be specifically named in this way.

Also, you have several note names with the term “linked.” I would expect these actions to perform link operations when in fact, they do not. They are simply provided associates by basing values from one note to another.

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I added a couple of tags to the thread, but good ideas can get lost in tags just as with anything else.

I strongly suggest for anyone interested in a given post or thread, that the “bookmark” feature in Discourse is excellent.

Click the three dots in the tools at the bottom of a post, and then click the bookmark icon

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This is way too much work, but interesting.

I basically batch add bibliographic info into DevonThink for each note from a text, then I just drag the files to TB.

There, I have in a container propositions with adornments which add a statement such as verifies, denies, etc. I drag notes there.

I’m going to have to take a closer look at your work, but for someone like me… I’ll throw my computer out the window!

I also add


I’ve lately changed my workflow substantially. I’m planning to update this topic as soon as I have some spare time :wink:


Thanks. I think we all appreciate the work that goes into documenting (and updating) a process for others to be able ‘just’ use—even if some effort is required. Some things do take a bit of effort.

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One additional area that could be considered in the design of this model, could be to add a prototype, pAssumption which could represent notes that are assumptions.