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Location Data Attribute auto-fetch

As we discussed in the meet-up, I wonder if it might be possible for the lat and long attributes to be automatically populated from the OS, much like the time is for the time attributes.

Location is available in Shortcuts and they will run on the Mac, so regardless of the source Apple is using, the OS thinks it knows where it is. There’s also a weather service as well, though we have a solution for that already. It might be something to look at too though.

Not a high priority sort of thing, but maybe nice to have sometime.

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I’m not averse, though this will require another "may Tinderbox access your data” alert. I’ll be tied up for a few days; if this doesn’t make it into a backstage build, feel free to ping me.

And if you have an idea for a keyboard shortcut, let me know.

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I don’t think it’ll need a keyboard shortcut! :grinning:

I was just referring to the idea that the Shortcuts app is able to get location, so it does seem to be something the OS offers even in the Mac.