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Losing notes in map container

This is going to sound silly. I’ve a bunch of notes inside of a container. Inside the container…they’re all nicely arranged together. From one level up, at the container level…no amount of resizing the container will make them visible. Is there some sort of clustering command or some way to have the interior notes visible from outside of the container?


My understanding is scrolling in the child map changes the view in the parent container’s viewport - i.e. when you navigate up it shows where you last were on the map - see more. You could try a rule in your parent container like:


but adjusting the ‘0’ values to appropriate values for your document’s map.

Note too that if you drill down to a child map, scroll that map then hoist back to the parent map, the parent map is scrolled as per the child map and doesn’t show where you where when you left the parent map. I’m not sure of the design logic of the latter as I’d expect to return to where I left and no some other unrelated (to the current map) position.

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Mark Anderson’s suggestion is good.

If troubles still persist. make a new note beside the container. Call it “Polaris”; it’s your guide star.

Now, drag it into middle of the container. You’ll see it inside the container. So far, so good?

Next, go into the container. Hold down cmd-option-control to zoom out, locating your other notes. Scroll to them, select them, and drag them back where you want them.

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Be sure, too, you’re using Tinderbox 7.3!

I like the Polaris note!
But another point of view: learn to ignore the view into the container’s map. You’ll rearrange something in the container’s map, move back to the parent level and once again, the view will be different or blank. Looking at one of my big maps just now, I notice that about a quarter of them show no notes inside the container. I think its something that bothered me before, but I don’t seem to notice anymore

This is one place where I use actions. It’s easy to create a rule that changes the color of a note or title text if the container contains a large number of notes or a note with a specific tag. Better than trying to have that red note showing through to the parent map. For me, using rules is how TBX was designed.

This issue has aIways bothered me. I like the $MapScroll rule.

I also add the following to the container, in the DisplayExpression part of the general attributes:
$Name+" ("+$ChildCount+" )"

That reassures that the container isn’t empty.