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We’d support text bundle if there’s actual need.

Hi! That would be great!

The recent release of the most recent version of the app Highlights (2.0) is amazing to annotate pdfs (https://highlightsapp.net), especially if used with Bookends. In a nutshell, what is unique about this software is that it creates a multimarkdown sidecar file containing all highlighted passages, and makes active internal hyperlinks to the references at the end of the scientific article (you can customized what type of highlights will do each task, say yellow highlights for text, and red underline for references). These references are in turn themselves automatically linked to the original bookends files (if present) or the relevant PubMed website (if not in your Bookends database). While there are still a few kinks to iron out, it is truly an amazing software for this specific task.

The reason why textbundle is relevant is that it is also possible for Highlights users to include in-line images in the annotated file… but the mmd file becomes a textbundle (since it can handle images and text at once).

How does this all work? After adding a Bookends ref file to TB using the nice reference prototype, one can then add the related Highlights sidecar file to TB thereby allowing one to easily import a detailed set of annotations containing active links (the multimarkdown prototypes provides the best results).

Right now, I can do the same with the textbundle files generated by Highlights using “show package content” and importing the md file it contains… but it would be great to have native support for textbundle.

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Dear Colleagues, maybe some of you have encountered this problem and can help.
When I paste /Applications/Scrivener.app/Contents/Resources/MultiMarkdown/bin/multimarkdown in $HTMLPrewiewCommand (I checked it is really in this folder) I get the following error in preview:

If I paste /usr/local/bin/mmd then some of the syntax doesn’t work (formulas in LaTeX and CriticMarkup). Can you tell me how to get it to work. I am probably doing something wrong.