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Mastering Tinderbox: Training Videos (Complete List)

The videos (I’ve watched four so far) have been so very helpful!

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PS : If this is wrong place to request , let me know where !

Could I request for a video on Linking ? Different types of linking ?? How to link without zip links ? How to use keyboard shortcuts to link notes ? How to link to notes note in the same view etc?

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I suspect this is a method from another app. Historically, links were made via drag-drop, then action code support was added, then AppleScript. most recent is the ziplinks method for making links. Note that a ‘ziplink’ is not a type of link; the term refers to how this link is made.

Confusion arises because some users have only over used tools that rely on wiki-style link mark-up using square brackets. The Ziplinks method is designed to help those people and to facilitate keyboard-only link creation.

Until a video is available, link creation is covered in some detail here (and its sub-pages).

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Michael (and Mark) - just wanted to say that these videos are a terrific resource. I’ve been using TBX for years, but I’ve learned a lot of great tips from watching them. Thank you!


Unfortunately, I can not longer edit the complete list with the new videos.

Why not?

Has something to do with discourse admin privileges in relation to time post creation.

Should be fixed now!


Thanks again, Michael. I’m viewing your training videos and am inspired by your level of enthusiasm for Tinderbox. I’m still a newbie - not having the full amount of time to invest in getting into the detail of using the product. However, it’s just a case of applying what I’ve learned and using TB to help with my ongoing studies. Having viewed them, I then made a point of reviewing the opening sequences just to send you a “Like” - I know that’s important for you. Keep up the great work!


Oh, thanks so much!!! Yes, the on-going acknowledgement and encouragement is really helpful as it reminds me that people care, i.e. are getting personal value from the work. Wonderful! Thanks. :pray:

Dear Michael Becker,
Thank you very much for the training videos.
You have created a very useful tool for learning Tinderbox.
I can not thank you enough for your hard work.
By the way, I am sorry to say that some of the explanations are too whispery and almost inaudible.
Is it possible to modify the volume so that it is normal and I can hear the content better?
I know it is rude, but I will list them here.
Thank you for your consideration.
[ I can barely hear what you’re explaining! ]
What are you explaining?
I can barely make out the content!

Tinderbox Training Video 09 - Exploding Notes (Part 1)
Tinderbox Training Video 10 - Exploding Notes with Action Code (Part 2)
Tinderbox Training Video 11 - Exploding Notes with Action Code and Regex (Part 3)[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RYNNngvWstw]

Tinderbox Training Video 12 - Working with media in your TBX files (Part 1)
Tinderbox Training Video 13 - Working with media in your TBX files (Part 2)
Tinderbox Training Video 14 - Overview & Application of Stamps (Part 1)

Tinderbox Training Video 15 - Using the agent designator in Agent Queries

Tinderbox - Using the agent designator in Agent Queries - YouTube
Tinderbox Training Video 16 - Adornments, Smart Adornments, and Adornment Designators
Tinderbox Training Video 23 - Using code notes and caching variables with action code

I would like to thank you for your understanding of my request and for taking time out of your busy schedule to improve it.
Sincerely yours, WAKAMATSU

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Maybe you could try to turn on Youtube’s automatically generated subtitles? They are not perfect, but sometimes can help a lot!

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Dear ShiJianhui,
Thanks a lot for your information.
I would like to know how can I turn on such behaviour with Safari?
Please let me know how can I. Yours, WAKAMATSU

Dear ShiJianhui,
Thanks a lot.
Now I got it what are you showing.
But I am afraid this is not brought valid activity for me.
( I mean it is little bit too hard for age over 70 looking into screen.)
thx and regards, WAKAMATSU

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Rude? Not at all. Thank you for taking the time to let me know. Yes, I had some volume issues with the earlier videos, 1) bad mic, 2) wrong settings, 3) doing them at 3:00 AM and not wanting to wake my family, ;-). Yes, I can work on updating the gain on these. Please give me a few days. Again, thanks for letting me know.

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Dear Michael Becker,
I learned how much you care about your family.
It warmed my heart.
You are wonderfully attentive.
Once again, thank you very much for your great contribution in creating training videos and building a bridge to a better understanding of Tinderbox.
Thank you very much.
I have heard that you are going to make the audio of the training videos easier to listen, and I can not thank you enough.
Respectfully, WAKAMATSU