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Merging LinkTypes?

Is there a way or a strategy to merge linkTypes?
I noticed I created (by mistake or via incremental formalization) that I have several links that now, have virtually the same meaning. I would like to merge into one.



I would like to combine them all into one: isRelatedTo (which is now my standard)
I realize I could manually change the links but sense this may be a recurring problem as my documents get larger.

I plan to use a test tbx case.


The current method for this is to use and agent with linkedTo or linkedFrom to to find the 'bad links, and an agent action with linkToOriginal or linkFromOriginal to make a link of the correct type then unlinkToOriginal or unlinkFromOriginal to remove the link of the wrong type.

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This can also be done fairly easily with search and replace in the XML.

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This is something where the old pre-v6+ are Paths dialog helped

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It makes me wonder if these are affordances to re-apply via the Hyperbolic view which is innately link-based.

Thanks MarkB and MarkA. I really like the idea of editing via BBEdit. I did not think of it!
Easy to do, especially with the Search and Replace command.

Another way, I worked around it was to use the AB to query the links in question, then one at a time, rename the links

I really like the old method as MarkA mentions especially for Hyperbolic view.

Here is Michael Beckers youtube video on LinkTypes: Tinderbox Training Video 51- Linking With Tinderbox where he demonstrates how to use them, for anyone interested.

Nice Job MichaelB!