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Modal Boxes changed behavior comment/question

Since the past year or two, the modal boxes in Tbx have begun behaving differently.
It used to be that the (cmd-opt-i) detailed Information box used to disappear after an Escape command. Now, and especially if I happen to click away, the modal box stays put; I need to drag the box a little until it turns into an independent window, then can click the red ‘traffic light’ sign to close.

At first this modified behavior occurred only with the Information box; over time I’ve noticed it croping up also in the Search box, and one or two others I’m not momentarily able to recall. Although I’ve gotten used to it over the past while, it’s still a time- and key-stroke suck.

Anyone else experiencing this as a changed behavior?

Here (v9.3.1 on OS 12.6.0) I can open a Get Info pop-over from either text or view pane and in both cases the Escape key closes the pop-over. If the pop-over is in an edit state, e.g. editing an attribute value, two key presses may be needed: the first to exit the edit mode, the second to close the pop-over. Of course, one counter-example doesn’t indicate your issue isn’t occurring only that it may not affect all users and may likely occur in a particular, less common, context.

Otherwise, the pop-over can be closed by clicking elsewhere in the app window outside the pop-over but, slightly counter-intuitively the click occurring outside the calling pane. IOW, if you call the Get Info from the text pane, clicking in that pane to close the pop-over won’t work, you must click anywhere in the view pane (and vice versa).

To debug this further, I’d first confirm the problem occurs in a small test doc with only one or two note and no actions etc. That might help triage if the issue is in app or external to it.


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Confirming that Esc closes the Get Info popover (using Tinderbox 9.2.2b562 today)

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Y’know - I think this may be exactly what’s been happening; perhaps my recent ops have been pretty much shuttling between the dominant Outline View panes.

Can’t test it for a couple days though, sadly. Dropped my Macbook and it’s just been rebooting over and over. In India atm, so it’s a replacement for me. Any recommendations from the current crop? Been thinking of the M2 Air, for a change. Or 13” M1Pro (don’t really mind the Touch Bar, got used to it on my ‘18).

Sorry for your loss! Re new Macs one edge factor is whether you want >1 external screens. Early M1s, limited by chip design not s/w, can only run one screen. The issue isn’t the screen size/res but the physical # of screens. I use a pair of 4k 24" screens so my first M1 MacBook—otherwise excellent— got returned due to this limitation. I’m now on a 14" MiPro c. early 2022. Not everyone’s problem but easy to miss and a pain to find out the limit after the fact (though I think Apple are bit better at making that limit plain where it exists).

FWIW, I got a 14" as at home/office (where I am mostly) the built-in screen is essentially a ‘spare’ side screen for my ‘desktop’ Mac. If I travelled more, I’d likely look at a bigger screen albeit considering the extra weight if carrying the Mac a lot—another aspect easily overlooked. HTH

Great considerations, thanks @mwra !

Thinking of taking a break from MBPs after 21 years, try an Air instead. Moar portable Tinderboxing….!

Sure I’ve had a 2013 and 2019 MBAir (both max-ed for CPU/RAM) and later is still running fine as a back-up rig. Latter happily ran my pair of 24" monitors . I’d expect Apple silicon MBAirs to perhaps be better about this.

†. A known macOS bug means that if not run that the monitors native res there’s a bad resource leak in the OS WindowServer process that can only be fixed with a full OS re-boot. Not a problem if you re-boot a lot, otherwise a PITA.

Oww. All the little gotchas one needs to know. It’s like buying a car…
I heard too that the entry level MBP has a speed-limited data buss of some sort.