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Multiple TBX files open simultaneously?

Thought I understood that one should not have two TBX files open at the same time but now question if that is the case.

After my “Catch All” file began slowing down at about 100 MB in size, I split a portion into a second file in order to restore speed. Indeed, that did happen. However, the occasional items that are in one file and could be in the other are a plague.

I was quite certain somewhere in my long experience with Tinderbox, learned that having two files open at the same time caused file corruption. I recall experiencing such corruption. Today, however, I am unable to find in the Forum or aTbxRef any reference to this problem. I’m quite likely not searching on the phrase used by others.

I would be using both TBX files on the same iMac, both use the latest version of Tinderbox, v9.2.1. The files are stored on Dropbox but are never opened on more than one machine at a time - that clearly is a recipe for destruction.

The open question for me is: Can Tinderbox safely have more than one TBX file open on the same computer at the same time?

Thank you!

I admit, I’m spoiled, I have an M1 Max with 68 GB of RAM. Right now I have 5 TBX files open with ove 4000 notes and tones of action code running in all of them. I have Over 20 chrome windows open and about 150 tabs open (I’ve been in deep research mode, i really do not to close some stuff). I also have three monitors running off my laptop. Summary, not having any noticeable issues.

Personally, I find Chrome and Zoom to be the biggest hogs.

What is your machine configuration?

You certainly are providing a load test! I’ll drop any worries about multiple files open. Thank you for replying.

Am a bit curious that I was unable to find a similar question in the Forum but can accept that my search terms were eccentric.

My machine is generally very capable and has plenty of resources. It’s an iMac 27" Retina 5K 2017 with 16GB RAM and 2 TB SSD that is less than half full.

No, it’s fine to have multiple documents open. Of course, they are using a common app so they are using the same underlying resource pool so to speak. As such doc B will (in a very tiny timeframe) wait for doc A and vice-versa, but that’s not something to worry us.

If you use a lot os actions/queries and in large documents (# of items, not file size), I find it helpful to either close the Inspector or not having it showing the any of the Action Inspector sub-tabs or the stamps Inspector as there is a still-to be traced gremlin where switching from doc A to doc B doesn’t update the code shown and it then can inadvertently be saved over existing code. But, most users need not consider this.

Thank you, Mark. Your comments always enlighten and inspire confidence.

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