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My Clarify-based demos are offline

Apologies, the demos linked to via this page are now offline as BlueMango end-lifed their Clarify product. I guess the post-v5 ones need updating for v7 and re-posting on my own server.

As it’s a bit of a chore to do, I’d be interested to hear which is any of the existing demos folk have found useful in the past. My hunch is the couple of demos about inheritance are likely the best candidates to re-write.

Yep! Also, finding crash logs :slight_smile:

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Hi Mark

Here is my list:

Tinderbox 6 - Exporting exploded notes to plain text
Tinderbox 6 - make a note for each value of an attribute
Tinderbox 6 - Exporting a to-do list to OPML
Tinderbox 6 Exporting OPML to Scrivener
Tinderbox 6 - setting up for HTML export
Using OS X Finder to locate Crash and Hang logs (Tinderbox v5 & v6)
Porting Tinderbox (v5) HTML Help to PDF
Tinderbox: Making and Using a local HTML copy of aTbRef (v5)
Tinderbox 6 - Configuring Container Tables and Headings


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Thanks. My to-do list just filled up again. :open_mouth:

I’ll start to migrate some articles. There’s some unexpected work to make reasonable looking templates (the templates may refresh over time). I’ll use a new acrobatfaq.com/tb_clarify folder for the ported articles and make a new index page in due course.

Anyway, Crash/Hang logs: http://www.acrobatfaq.com/tb_clarify/using-os-x-finder-to-locate-crash-and-hang-logs.html