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Name = DisplayName behaviour in AttributeBrowser - unwanted doubling effect

Attribute Browser displays the ‘DisplayName’ rather than the name of the note. In the screen shot above the two files’ names are ‘Transitional Care’ and ‘PDC’ The Display expression is simply adding a $ChildCount and the meeting date as given by this code in the Display Expressions section of the inspector.

$Name+" : Agenda Items("+$ChildCount+") : " +$MeetingDate.format(l)

If I double click on the name in AB, do nothing but simply deselect again the Display Name is doubled

The note has effectively been given the name ‘DisplayName’ to which the display expression code is applied again.

This shot is the note in outline view where you can see the new doubled name persists

Is this an intended feature?

This appears to be a bug. I can reproduce this in AB view (and sometimes in Outline view), but not in other views such as Map or Chart. What I see is that the additional clauses of the Display Expression are appended to the note title. Thus for note $Name ‘PDC’ the $Name becomes

PDC : Agenda Items(2) : 20/08/2017

with the $DisplayName

PDC : Agenda Items(2) : 20/08/2017 : Agenda Items(2) : 20/08/2017

If we do the same again it becomes

PDC : Agenda Items(2) : 20/08/2017 : Agenda Items(2) : 20/08/2017: Agenda Items(2) : 20/08/2017

The $DisplayExpression code is not affected and $DisplayName is the evaluated string value of $DisplayExpression.

The error is not as simple as setting $Name to $DisplayName value when the selected item exits title-edit mode. If it did, we’d expect ‘PDC’ to get repeated, but it isn’t.

The text pane title bar (right side, top of the pane) shows $Name - the actual note title. Editing that to remove the extra text is the easiest way to fix the result of this error pending a fix to the causal glitch.

Edit: on further testing this doesn’t happen in Outline view: I’d misinterpreted events)

I should add - I’ve reported this to Eastgate support.