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New Notes Are Squashed on the Map

Hi Folks,

I was all excited to show off Tinderbox to my class yesterday, but I had a snafu that I cannot figure out. Whenever I would create a new note on the map, whether by hitting return or by double-clicking, the note would show up as a totally squashed note, something like | instead of a rectangle. (See the image.) I have a hard time even selecting them. When I started seeing this, my document setting for notes was for them to “expand proportionately,” when the note name is long, but even when I returned that to “do nothing,” the problem persisted. A restart of Tinderbox did not help. Is this a bug? Am I missing something obvious? Any ideas?

Any help would be much appreciated.


Kent Wayland

Could you post here a sample file (with sample data) that has this behavior?

It appears your notes are sitting on an adornment, but looking at the file might be helpful.

Hi Paul,

Thanks for your response. The notes that were not on the adornment were the same. I tried a new document, and it worked just fine, so there must be something going on in that file. I hope that file isn’t corrupted …

Check the value of the Width attribute. Something (an agent or rule?) is setting Width incorrectly.

That was it! For some reason the default width got set to 0, and I couldn’t change it.

I knew it would be something simple.


If you’re changing it and it’s changing back to zero, a mistake in a rule or agent action is a likely cause. If you’re unsure how to set $Width or $Height except by dragging the map icon for the note, use the Quickstamp or the Get Info/attributes tab to edit the attribute values.