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New Tinderbox Video (Pilot Video)

I’ve put together the first of what I hope will be a series of videos that will, I hope, help people like me to get to understand what Tinderbox is and then, importantly, how to use it.

The video is really a bit of fun. I live on a boat in Holland and it all gives me something to do during the quiet nights!

I’m still a new user to Tinderbox and so I’m very definitely on the learning curve and I am sure I am not alone in my struggles (although my Tinderbox skills are slowly improving).

So, here’s the link to the pilot video and I hope to find the time to do more videos over the coming weeks.

Here’s the link: https://vimeo.com/229026568

Grateful for and advice, comments or suggestions (I know my taste in music is terrible!). Would love to collaborate with others with the videos. My email address is info@rids.co.uk

Best wishes


PS: If you’re wondering about the Morse code at the start of the video. A used to be a ship’s Radio Officer centuries ago when Morse code was the only way of communicating. Long before the Internet and long before we could make our own TV programmes!!


That should read “I used to be a ship’s Radio Officer…”

Very nice @Richard_Broom – especially when we come to the 2nd half that gets into the “getting started” info.

Your production values are really good – thank you for taking time to apply your talent to creating the video :smiley:

Small point. I know some folks compare Tinderbox to “mind mappers”. It’s not a great simile though – just my opinion.

Very interesting and useful! Thanks for going to the effort to produce this. Interested by the promise of more on the way.

Very impressive job! Fun to watch and the pacing is nice in terms of introducing some basic things and explaining them well. Hope you continue the project!

Tinderbox is decidedly inspiring! Nice video! Waiting for the next!

Man, everybody else’s Tinderbox docs look WAY cooler than mine. I’m doing well if I add a bit of color to them from time to time…

@Richard_Broom cool video! I noticed you’ve got a bunch of images in there… do you place images directly in your Tinderbox docs? How big do the docs get (file size), and how long do they take to save?

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Excellent, thank you.

I especially like the tone of the video - very approachable.

Nicely done – look forward to the subsequent videos in the series. Thank you, Richard.

Thanks for the Video.

Especially helpful to me was the information of a Tinderbox Manual (to be found on http://eastgate.com/download/tbxman701.pdf)

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For clarity, the PDF manual is just the Help file in PDF form. The source data for the Tinderbox app Help is written in a TBX. It is primarily used to make the Help file but the TBX can also be exported as a styled HTML file. Using wkhtmltopdf a PDF with Toc, etc., can then be created (disclosure: I know because I designed the export templates PDF creation workflow). IOW, although in PDF form - which some may prefer for casual perusal - the content of the tbxman701.pdf is exactly that found in the v7.0.1 app help. I think the video, inadvertently, implies the PDf is some extra dat. It isn’t!

Very many thanks for the encouraging and kind comments and, as ever, very sorry it has taken me a while to reply. I’ve been over in the UK running training courses but I’m now returning to home base and will begin thinking about the first ‘production’ Tinderbox video.

Best wishes


Hi Mark,

I’ve been beginning a more systematic review of the PDF manual and had been thinking that a TBX version would be a bit easier to work with (than the PDF or the help file itself.) Is there a way to just get the TBX file as a download? (I’m guessing it’s somewhere but I just don’t recall if I’ve ever seen it.). Thanks! Greg

Although I do contribute to the Help TBX, it is an Eastgate asset and distribution is not my call. One point to bear in mind is that document written targeting HTML output invariably end up with a small and unavoidable amount of export code and/or HTML code in some of the notes’ $Text. It doesn’t bother me - but I understand HTML code and the reason for it being there. I quite appreciate that others might not find it so.

I’d suggest contacting Eastgate directly on this as there may be further complication regarding wider release of which this Help contributor may be unaware. I hope that helps…

Thanks. Actually it’s fine without, if it’s not something that’s posted somewhere.

Hi Richard
Loved the video - and although I’m a new user it gave me some really useful tips. I note you state that notes sticking together is going to be covered later - have you done this yet?

How about clarifying attributes, agents and adornments. What is the difference between a prototype and a template? can you easily link notes in a container with notes in a separate container?