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Newbie question re Agents & Rules

Forgive me if I’m in the wrong section, but I just noticed in the Agents & Rules pane of the Tinderbox Inspector that there is a circular progress tool at the bottom labeled, “Network.” Seemingly it is constantly updating itself. To my knowledge, I am not performing any network functions on this document. Could someone tell me what this tool is telling me?

Thank you!

See here

Network. The control to the right of the caption shows synching is in use and its status. This process covers AutoFetch, watched folders, DEVONThink watched groups, geocaching updates, Simplenote synch, Bookends import updates, and other periodic maintenance. The processes described start as the progress reaches the 12:00 position (top centre).

Thank you, Paul. That cleared it up quite well for me. One follow-up, if I may: I don’t think as a brand-new user that I have too many of those processes you mentioned running. But am I right in assuming that as I see it constantly running the clock that this is a constantly-updating process? I just want to make sure I have not inadvertantly started something I am unaware of!

Thanks again.

Yes, this is an always-on background process. If you’re not using sharing/syncing features you can ignore this. It’s not something you need to turn/on off. the control is really there to help those users who make heavier use of these features. as watched folders are fairly new, I’d not be surprised if this control evolves too.

If you’re just starting up, it’s most unlikely you need to be sitting watching the Agents & Rules iInspector. It’s not until you get to large documents with more use of agents, rules, watching, etc. that the displays will have any real pertinence. At that point they do help with refining performance and balance of processes.

Thank you, Mark. I hope to be a more productive citizen here in the future! I really do appreciate your time with this, though.