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No response after change Style.css

Hello, I am a 2 week newbie her to use TInderboxi n my Note taking process.

Today, I learned a new method to make my markdown preview better from this forum. I changed the css in Support folder and I successfully edited the style.css in my Macbook pro. The preview of my markdown files in Tinderbox also successfully changed to new style.

However, I did the same process in my Mac mini. But it didn’t work. The preview didn’t change.

Beside, I also found the button " Real Support folder in Finder" was dysfunction.
I am not sure are these two condition correlated?

What I should do to fix the problem?

Thank you all.

The style.css is here. This css was revised form MWeb.css and I also used it in my DEVONthink.
css.txt (7.8 KB)

Here is my TBX.
For Tinderbox Forum.tbx (137.6 KB)

The Open Support Folder in Finder button may require that you be logged into your Mac with administrative privileges. But I doubt that’s an issue.

Why don’t you upload your sample file here; that will make it easier for people to take a look.

I just checked that I am sure the adminstrator for my Mac. :slight_smile:

I uploaded the files in the original post. Thnak for your response.

I fixed it by another way.
I just copied css into HTML template and this action can let my preview correspondance to my CSS style.

However, the button of “Reveal Support folder” is still malfunction.

Though the Help menu item is useful, it is trivial to open your support for Markdown which is at path : ~/Library/ApplicationSupport/Tinderbox/Markdown.

  • Open Finder
  • Cmd+Shift+G or Go menu ▸ Go to folder…
  • Paste in ~/Library/Application Support/Tinderbox/Markdown — do make sure any % codes copied from the web are changed back to normal text, e.g. “%20” to " " (i.e. a space)
  • Press the return key
  • Done!

A further issue may be that you aren’t using the Markdown preview feature as described in app Help (see article ‘Markdown’). Althuogh you have added the Markdown prototype, none of your notes have that prototype applied (to tell them to use Markdown).

The article also shows you don’t have to use a CSS file in the app support folder. If you are re-using the same TBX on two different Macs it would make more sense to store the customised CSS under the /Hints container (also missing in your TBX).

What does happen when you select Help ▸ Reveal Support Folder In Finder ?

Nothing happen.
Finder did not open either.

Thank for you detailed instructions.
I have done as you suggest and it work.
Thank you.

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Since Tinderbox is occupying the full screen, it may be that the Finder window is open behind the Tinderbox window.

I have the same respons, ie clicking on Help->Reveal Support Folder in Finder does nothing.
macOS 12.5.1 on iMac M1 2021

FWIW, I tried the full screen scenario, single screen (on a 2019 27" iMac, OS 12.5.1). With Tinderbox 9 at full screen, invoking the HelpReveal Support folder in Finder command ‘hides’ the Tinderbox app window and shows the desktop … and the freshly opened Finder window at the Support folder. Indeed repeating this on my MBPro+2 screens, the same plays out on the screen in which I’m using Tinderbox

I don’t use the Mac’s Mission Control app, but I wonder if that is part of the issue, depending on settings. FWIW, here are my settings for that app:

So whilst I can’t replicate the problem reported above, I winder of screen/spaces set-up might be an angle here.

I tried it on my MacBook M1 Pro running β version of 13.0. On this computer the Finder window opens up in the correct path.

My computers are supposed to be setup identically, but obviously something differs.

Tried the Mission Control settings but no change, Finder will not open on iMac on 12.5.1

Forgot to say, running Tinderbox Version 9.3.0 (b566).

Seems to be something with user setup. I created a new user and logged in and now the Tinderbox Reveal Support Folder in Finder works.

So it may be that the macOS 13.0 betas break existing menu calls to Finder.

Think I found the cause.
I had Cocotech’s Pathfinder installed and I know that I tested the possibility to replace Finder actions with Pathfinder’s.
It looks like, although option turned off in Pathfinder, still affects the result. After removal of Pathfinder and cleaning up some files in /Library, Tinderbox’s “Reveal Support Folder in Finder” now works. It is also possible to re-install Pathfinder and use it as long as the “Replace Finder…” is not activated.

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I also had Pathfinder both in my Mac mini and MacBookPro.
I also set it to replace Finder in both Mac.
My Mac mini has the problem(No response of Reveal Support Folder button", but MacBookpro doesn’t.

Maybe there are different setting in the Pathfinder?

I was about to suggest that the problem might be a window manager. PathFinder might be intercepting the request to bring Finder to the foreground.

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