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Not able to EDIT the note title

ok, this is silly. I am not able to edit notes in this project.

Not able to edit the title or the content of the note

Also every time I close this note, tinderbox is crashing.

Copy pasted the log here - Dropbox - crashreport - Simplify your life

Not enough of the UI visible to be sure but it looks the document’s text pane is using the Preview tab. Note that Preview is read (view) only. The preview is showing you what you $Text looks like if exported to an HTML page (it doesn’t matter that you may not actually be exporting). Like is your web browser, the viewed page content can’t be edited directly, so you must edit the source (here, using the Text tab).

To edit $Text or $Name the text pane must show the Text tab.

Shortcut Cmd+Opt+E (⌘+⌥+E) will cycle through the tabs.

Tinderbox is not a WYSIWYG word processor, even though $Text can be styled…
Personally, to avoid confusion, I generally keep the tabs showing. this can be done via the Window menu ▸ Show/Hide Text Pane Selector. The latter toggles visibility of the Text pane’s sub-tabs (default: panes are hidden).

Being a user-to-user forum your fellow users can’r see inside the app. If you should experience a crash, please send it directly to tinderbox@eastgate.com which any contextual information that might help.If you hit a condition that triggers a crash, it will do so consistently, so repeating the cause simply repeat the crash. The second and subsequent crashes don’t indicate instability, merely the the cause of the crash is reproducible on demand.

HTH :slight_smile:

This crash is in the HTML renderer, not Tinderbox. I suspect we have two problems here:

  1. We’re viewing the Preview pane, not the Text pane. That’s why you cannot edit.

  2. You’ve got a problem with improper HTML. The HTML pane would be more informative on this than the preview pane.

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For those that are trying to figure this thread out, Tinderbox has different Pane Views: Text, Preview, Export.

You can toggle through these views or just show the Pane Selector in the Window menu.

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