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Notes Make Room for Each Other in Map View

I was doing some story lining stuff in map view, where I have notes arranged in vertical columns and each note is a scene. If I change my mind about order it’s fiddly to make room for a note to drag it up and drop in a new position between two other notes. It occurred to me that it would be brilliant if I could drag a note and hover over a gap between two notes and have everything kind of shuffle out of the way so I could drop the note in the gap which appears. I guess that’s probably not possible but what the hell I thought I’d mention it.

It’s possible, but there are many other possibilities.

  1. Perhaps you wanted to drag a note into another note to make a container?
  2. Should the notes below the dragged note move down? Or those above the dragged note move up? Or both?
  3. What happens to notes below the column that have to move, if they’re not part of the column? A row of notes beneath all the columns could be disrupted unless the row were moved en bloc.

That said, it’s a good idea. (In practice, consider using range-select to grab the rest of the column and to move it down.)

Thanks Mark. Maybe if it was a special mode you had to toggle on or off, or something?

Range select is not too bad as a solution, as you say, depending on list size. Also you can reorder in outline view by doing a drag and drop followed by unindent.


  • option-drag is “drag a copy of this note”
  • shift-option-drag is “drag an alias of this note”
  • shift-drag is “drag only horizontally or vertically”
  • ctrl-drags are reserved as a synonym for right-click


This is a brilliant idea. Would be useful for horizontal lists as well (e.g. ctrl-option-drag for vertical, ctrl-option-shift-drag for horizontal insertion).

I would like to upvote this please. Would be useful.