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On knowledge management, Tinderbox in relation to other apps

Could be a t-shirt.


I’d wear it!

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I recall this meme been used for “…you should have put a link on it” in an academic paper somewhere>, but I don’t think the one above has (Google says ‘no’).

@beck now I can’t un-see the slightly misaligned link labels. :rofl: So, I guess an ideal t-shirt design for annoying some people…

@beck I love your visual above, but in all seriousness can you describe your use of link types as essentially descriptors or verbs. In your wonderful videos from last year, you walk through the process of using link types in this way as a method to help you make logical jumps and meanings. I’d love it if you could take a few minutes to explain this mental-construct-method a bit more.


I dearly appreciate links and especially, the Backlink - as a tunnels to related information that is otherwise distantly located in the file. Perfect for squirreling away a choice acorn that I intend to return to during the bleak winter. Flexibility in adding link types are particularly useful as I am constantly discovering new kinds of connections.

I do like the idea of a “Links View” or rather “Links Overview”, particularly when I return to a project file after an absence.

Variations in color/style of link arrows are great for when one is in Map View (or Hyperbolic), but I imagine they’d only be distracting in Outline/Attribute Views. And I think (given the flexibility of user-generated link types), redundant for my needs.

@mwra - was that a Little Britain reference… “Computer says ‘no’”? Love that show :grin:

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I see a lot of value in messiness and redundancy, especially in learning. My maps are often annotated but those annotations are not strategic/consistent. My concept mapping approach is informed by thoughts like this and this.

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Hi all, thanks so much for your help on links. I published a training on list last night: Tinderbox Training Video 51- Linking With Tinderbox. Don’t forget to take a look at the TBX Tips. Please let me know if I missed anything, if something does not make sense, or if you have a tip or other ideas to add. I’m already planning to add an update to address one question, can you search for link types (I’ve already given an answer in the thread just need to do the video). Also, I’ll do something on link styling with CSS. Again, please let me know what else you’d like to see.

Err, yes. Although not deliberately, as these turns of phrase seep into the language. “Pirate memory games” rattles around our uni lab as a metaphor for over-specificity.