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$Onadd link to container + inherit all meta-data (esp. tags)

This is the newest variant of the setup I’m using (deprived of most of its contents). Please have a look at the file, I’ll be happy to answer any questions.

research 2017 - demo 2.tbx (424.5 KB)

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I’m not really sure if I understood your question(s) correctly and I’m not familiar with “The Brain” (I was using workflowy.com/DevonThink/nvALT before). Would you mind being a bit more specific? And: I also just started using Tinderbox, so I’m no expert either.

ps. For me the Tinderbox Chronicles have proven to be a nice intro into TB.

Dear René,
Thank you for your nice research 2017-demo2.tbx.

It gives quite interesting Mapping View.
Everything held at the same time and same direction, I think.

Thank you for your point out.
The Tinderbox Chronicles have proven for me too.

One of my quote [something a little out of the ordinary] , I will speak in images or in parables.
One cannot be in two places at once.
But, Facts are stubborn things.
We will be at variance with the facts.
We need to use another isolated system.
Timeline should be carry a sense of direction different.
Under such circumstances, how can I use Tinderbox like your research 2017-demo2.tbx ?

Is it considered that HTML export ? (or another?)
I would like to know about your export file type?

I will get back to the subject.
[Nearly 30 years ago,MORE is an outline processor application that was created for the Apple Macintosh in 1986]
[•Appending notes, comments, rough drafts of sentences and paragraphs under some topics
・Assembling various low-level topics and creating a new topic to group them under]
With MORE 3.1.app , I could run my document even more as a slide-show.

(Your Timelime shows a bit polarized, allow me to say so.)
I like to use Tinderbox as a type of [dendrogram] style.
Before using TBX, I have tried to use Dendroscope.app ,
analysing aspect of what music is.
I make out routine documents with LaTeX using Emacs (or Spacemacs).
All I can say is that now.

I will put my question in order again.
(It would take some time.)

I use DEVONthinkPro , nvALT and Zettelkasten as make a memo.
I take a similar stand about Tinderbox.

I apologize for your consideration.

Truly Yours. WAKAMATSU

As MarkAnderson said about [Tinderbox is happy with quite exotic note names,] privately
some French Name (speling) make me in trouble such as
[Mallarmé_Carjat.jpg][Blanquart.jpg][Maxence Larrieu.jpg], I would like to report on it.

(Out of the picture, if you have an interest about memo.app, I
recommend CalendarMemo for your useful app.)

[CalendarMemo nis-lab download
http://nis-lab.moo.jp/downloadFiles/index.html] (but explanation is only Japanese,
please click here[(1)CalendarMemo ver 1.8.6 full (49MB)]. )
You can get this CM186Full.zip file.

What is the problem? A bit more information might help. May I suggest you raise this in a new thread as the problem diverges from the current topic. :slight_smile:

Dear Mark Anderson,

I appreciate your kind offer.

But you need not diverge this thread.
This trouble is depend heavily on my own using Tinderbox 7 capability, I think.
I need further tests may be needed to ensure that.
At a future date, if I will get the same results, on these occasions.
Please help me.
Thanks in advance.


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