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One smart adornment works, the other doesn't

Hi, all,

I have a growing but still-simple Tinderbox doc that I am using to organize a future Substack newsletter. The other day I created a smart adornment to automatically show notes in which a Boolean attribute was True. It works fine. Today I created another adornment for another Boolean attribute. This second smart adornment doesn’t work at all. It remains empty even though its query has the exact same form as the first adornment’s.

An agent with the same query collects the notes correctly, so I know the attribute interacts with a query as I expect. Why isn’t the adornment doing the same? Any thoughts?


It’d be easier if you could share the document! By guesses:

  • syntax error in the query, such as misspelling the attribute
  • the query is testing for True or False rather than true or false
  • the adornment is competing with another smart adornment, the the other one is gathering all the candidates

But all these seem improbable.

Note too that attribute names are case-sensitive: SomeAttribute is not the same as someattribute

Well, again, if there is a problem with spelling or syntax, why would the query work when given to an agent? It only fails when used to create a smart adornment.

I’ll try to recreate the issue in a simple doc I can share.