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Opening PDF files

Is there a way to pull a pdf into TB and then be able to open it in a pdf editor? If I drag a file onto the outline, TB renders all of the text in the note pane. If I drag a pdf into the note, I see the pdf as in the original pdf editor. I don’t see any way of then opening the pdf for annotation etc. Can this be done?



  1. Drag the pdf into the view pane. Tinderbox will make a new note for the pdf, and do its best to import the text as the note’s text.

  2. Make $File a displayed attribute of the new note. Drag the pdf file again into this displayed attribute; its value will be set to the pdf’s file path.

If your pdf is stored in DEVONthink, a similar approach would replace $File with $URL, which would contain the item’s DEVONthink URL.